What is a will?

A will is a legal document where the writer, expresses how and where their property is distributed to after their death. At Lifetime Solicitors, our qualified advisors aim to discuss and provide you with the best advice on Will writing whether it is in the comfort of your home or remotely over a phone call.

Writing a Will whilst you are still healthy (and updating it as circumstances change) is a good idea as it keeps your family and loved ones at peace of mind. It is estimated that one in three people die without making a Will – so we are here to convince you why you should write one and soon.

Will writing will save your family extra stress

Your family and loved ones are going to be grieving anyway, but adding that additional stress all because you didn’t write a Will isn’t very nice for them. Not only are you making it easier for them, but you are preventing the law deciding how your property is divided, which can cause many long-term issues for your loved ones.

Your money will go to the right people

If you are planning on leaving money to a certain someone without writing a Will, it probably won’t go to plan. If you die without a Will, the money you leave will be distributed by the laws of intestacy – Meaning, it will be passed on to either your spouse, closest living relative or to the state. Therefore, by writing a will you are keeping control of your money (even in the grave) and have the ability to pass it on to whoever you like.

You can provide for your children

This point is probably (and hopefully) one of the most important for the parents reading this article. Losing a parent is probably the most devastating news for a child to hear, but what’s worst is if nothing is inherited back to them such as a guardian, money, even an heirloom etc. Point is, by writing a Will you are still providing for their future and even for those under 18’s you can appoint your very own legal guardian to look after them when you are gone.

You can protect your partner

In 2015, there were reportedly 239,020 marriages in England and Wales, which dropped by 3.4% in comparison to 2014’s data. It’s 2018 and as the numbers have continued to drop, the risk of loved ones losing their homes due to tragic events has in fact increased. Furthermore, if you and your partner are not married, they are therefore unentitled to anything from your estate under any circumstances. On the other hand, by specifically stating their share in your Will, this will not happen to your family and they¬†ensured a home when you are gone.

Finally, we are here to help!

Here at Lifetime Solicitors, we have the ability to write Wills at any complexity and offer great advice all at a great price. We are here for you if you are unsure, inexperienced or even scared, offering our helping hand and best advice. Contact us today for more information and a FREE consultation.

Thanks for reading.