Writing a will is an important step in securing your wishes for your estate. This is especially true as we age, as conditions like dementia can affect our ability to make decisions later in life. This is where the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) comes in.

The MCA protects the rights of those with conditions that might impact their ability to make decisions, including writing a will. Here are the five principles the MCA states:

  • One must assume a person has the capacity to make decisions for themselves.
  • A person must not be treated as lacking capacity unless medically proven otherwise.
  • A person must not be treated as lacking capacity because they’ve previously made a bad decision.
  • Any acts done by an outside party must be made considering the person who lacks the capacity’s best interests.
  • Prior to any decisions made, one must consider if there is a less restrictive way to achieve the same goal.

The MCA empowers both individuals and their loved ones. It ensures legal rights are protected when difficult decisions arise.

Taking Action Now

While we all hope to remain in control throughout our lives, creating a will and appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney are important steps to ensure your wishes are respected. Don’t wait – take charge of your future today.