It can sometimes be frightening thinking about how everything has changed in the last seven or eight months. It can also be alarming thinking of all the risks and worries that another lockdown could bring. We understand if you are feeling a little stressed or scared thinking of the future for your loved ones and keeping your family safe. We want to reassure you that putting all the necessary documents in place, can give you that peace of mind.

For those that have a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney in place already, it’s likely a significant number of these people have avoided updating, reviewing their Will. After all, the general public is steering clear of (or are unable to carry out) business and social transactions including meeting up with friends, going to the bank, and even moving home.

This is likely because of the latest social distancing guidelines and the anxiety of interacting with other people. That’s why, in the last half a year or so, our industry has had to adapt to the ongoing issues revolving around coronavirus. This includes telephone appointments as alternatives to face-to-face meetings, as well as remote video call meetings and classes, online surveys and enquiry forms, etc. Whether this remains a temporary system of working, I’m sure we will soon find out.

Will Writers Branded “Key Workers” During Lockdown


Will Writers branded ‘key workers’ during lockdown…

 Thanks to the Government and Ministry of Justice acknowledging the importance of Will writing services, especially at this current time, Will writers and lawyers were classified as key workers during the coronavirus lockdown – enabling organisations including Lifetime Solicitors to carry out these important services and well-deserved support.

With this in mind, this should’ve hopefully encouraged people to put these Will Writing services as a top priority. For instance, you may need to update your Will if you’ve had some big lifestyle changes, including your relationship status, your address, the level of your assets, or the size of your immediate/ extended family. On the other hand, if you haven’t begun the creation of your Will, the law will therefore decide who inherits your estate if something was to happen to you.

Why Should You Make A Will?

Put simply, it will help you sleep better at night knowing that when the time comes, your legacy will be protected and the people you want to benefit, will do so. Your Will is a personal document that communicates to everyone, from your Lawyer to your family and friends, what should happen to your money, property, valuable possessions and other items after you pass away. If you don’t leave a Will, the law of intestacy will decide how your estate is passed on – and this might not be in line with your wishes or your loved ones.

Now, if there is a particular person you want to leave something specific to e.g. leaving your money equally to your children, a documented, valid Will will make sure that is the case when you are no longer able to communicate such things. Keeping it simple, here are a few other blunt reasons why you need to make a Will as early as possible:

  • It keeps your family organised when you pass.
  • Easing your mind in case something unexpected happens.
  • It’s especially important if you have children or other family who depend on you financially.
  • Everything is decided by you.
  • You decide who will take care of your minor children (if you have them)
  • You will have the help from a professional to support you and ensure your Will is administrated correctly when you pass.

Ease your family’s mind with a secure Will in place…

Here at Lifetime Solicitors…

Speaking to some of our team on our Will Writing services, Head of administration, Laura Perrett, said:

“2020 has proven to be an unpredictable year for us all and we have been working hard to ensure our clients have the right support and protection in place.”

“Did you hear the new update regarding witnessing a person signing a Will? There is a legislation coming into place on 28th September that allows witnessing a Will to take place virtually. Whilst this may seem an inviting option, it comes with many terms and conditions. There are many options when creating and executing a Will, although through experience, we know it’s better to be safe than sorry so good advice is key.”

Our Solicitors Will Last You A Lifetime and More… 

The law in England states that anyone can write a Will, meaning you can choose a professional Will Writer or yourself to create your Will. Choosing a Solicitor, however, will ensure that you are covered by the protections of the law.

Lifetime Solicitors pride themselves on ensuring their clients are provided with a lifetime supply of legal care. Whatever your age or circumstances, their Will writing team will not only support you through updating and reviewing your life’s documents but make sure your friends and family are taken care of in the way you would have wanted. If interested, please get in touch with them on 030 241 7675 or email today.