Probate is the handling of the Estate and possessions of somebody who has died. It is the commonly used term when talking about applying for the right to deal with a deceased persons affairs. The process itself can be complex and a difficult one to deal with when someone is going through bereavement.

Our Probate team at Lifetime Solicitors will be here to support your family and friends through the process of administering your estate in accordance with your will. Whether it be helping with the smaller legalities or taking control of the entire process for you, throughout the procedure our legal team will work in a sympathetic manner, with efficiency and consideration to the practical needs of your family.

Our dedicated team include members of the Society of Trust and Estate practitioners, who abide by a professional code of conduct and will deal with your estate and loved ones with dignity and integrity.

We cover all aspects of estate and trust administration, right from the beginning to ensure that your loved ones are relieved of the burden that comes with registering your death, through to contacting institutions and obtaining the correct information to complete the probate process. With the recent changes in Inheritance Tax law, it is important to have a solicitor assist you to make sure that you are paying as little tax as possible. Dealing with Tax issues can be difficult and stressful but we are able to advise you in a clear fashion.

It is important that as much of your hard earned assets pass to your loved ones and it is our aim to achieve this for you.

The Probate Process

• Did the deceased leave a will?

• If there is a will it will appoint executors who can apply for a grant, if not then the estate will have to be administered in accordance with the rules of intestacy.

• We will help to collect the deceased’s papers and to identify their assets and liabilities, we will gather this information and notify any institutions that need to be informed of the situation.

• If a grant of representation is needed we will once again be able to fill in the forms and make the application.

• A grant of probate will not be given until some or all of the inheritance tax that is due is paid. We will be able to apply to have money released to pay the Tax and deal with HMRC on your behalf.

• We will be able to complete any forms to release assets and provide Estate Accounts before distributing funds in accordance with the will.