Widow challenges will that left her £36,000 out of £12 million estate

A widow who left her husband just two years before he died – serving divorce papers just two months before his death – is challenging the will which left her with just £36,000 of his £12 million fortune.

Nigel Vindis owned the Vindis Group, a nationwide car dealership. Nigel passed away in 2013, during the latter stages of his illness he made out a will leaving the loin’s share of his estate to their two children who are both in their mid twenties.

However his bereaved wife is contesting the will at the High Court, She’s arguing that if their divorce had been finalised before Mr Vindis passed away then she would have been handed half the the £12 million.

If she is successful, a £6 million stake would be the largest ever award by an English judge in such a case. However Mrs Vindis is not alone in her claim as Mr Vindis’ sisters are also claiming against the estate.

Mrs Justice Asplin heard that the Vindis’ had a happy marriage that lasted almost 40 years, after they got together as teenagers.

Mr and Mrs Vindis raised their two children in a £1.5 million house in Sawston, as Nigel’s business continued to grow. Nigel and his brother opened 17 outlets which employed around 750 people in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Nigel’s will stated that the widow was to have assets worth £1 million – that that included the half share she already owned in the three family properties. This meant that his widow, who earns £11,000-a-year, was entitled to £36,000 from an estate which is valued at £12 million.

However, the sisters are now also seeking millions from surviving brother, Gary. They claim that for years they have been wrongly excluded from the family business which was founded in 1960 by their father.

The case has been adjourned until a later dat which is yet to be set.