Hopefully, we are all aware of our local laws, but did you know there are a number of interesting and weird laws around the world? Whilst some of these are myths, we still felt the need to share them – for our own entertainment.

1. England, United Kingdom

Did you know it is illegal to not complete at least 2 hours of longbow practice every week? This law only applies to English males aged 14 within our home country, so get your bows and arrows out and begin training!

2. Georgia


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Georgia wouldn’t know, as they have made it officially illegal for chicken owners to allow their chicken to cross the road! How this law came about we don’t exactly know, but it did make us laugh.

3. Western Australia

Due to importing limits and their love for potatoes, Western Australia has made it illegal to possess more than 50kg of potatoes at a time. It sounds fairly reasonable and I’m sure this law doesn’t get disobeyed regularly (who needs that many potatoes, after all?).

4. Turin, Italy


Italy’s Laws for Dogs

Turin is essentially a heaven for dogs, because it is, in fact, illegal to not walk your dog at least three times a day. In fairness, this law is quite beneficial, as it keeps the dog and owner healthy, happy and bonded.

5. Singapore, Asia

To keep the Singapore grounds less sticky and dirty, no gum is to be brought, sold or chewed in the country!

6. Arizona, USA

This law has it’s own genuine back story – at some point in the 1920s, a rancher who lived in Arizona had a donkey that slept in an abandoned bathtub on his property. A local dam broke lose and flooded the town, also taking the bathtub with the donkey trapped. Locals helped to save the donkey but were very distressed with it’s living conditions. Therefore, from 1924 to present day, it is illegal to keep your donkey in a bathtub in Arizona.

7. Switzerland

Due to noise pollution, from 10pm-7am in Switzerland, it is apparently against the law to flush the toilet!  Fortunately, this law is a myth, given the sometimes uncontrollable circumstances people could go through, that would be rather inconvenient.

8. Florida, USA


Skydiving Laws in Florida

We are completely unsure of the reason behind this, but this incredibly true and bizarre law states that an unmarried woman in Florida can not go skydiving on a Sunday?! How specific and random, right?

9. Capri, Italy

We suppose the Italians have gotten completely fed up of finding undisposed dog faeces on their beautiful streets. That’s why, they have gone completely high-tech and introduced advanced DNA testing of the droppings – after the dog and owner are identified, they could face up to a fine or even prison time!

10. Scotland, United Kingdom

Apparently, if someone knocks on your door requiring the toilet, it is illegal for Scotsmen to ignore or decline their request! As you could probably tell, this law is a myth! Probably because this could result in some quite dangerous situations.

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